Tree trimming at Ledges State Park
2023 tree trimming underway
Wednesday | December 28, 2022

Over the next few months, tree trimming contractors will be working in Boone and Greene counties to clear overgrown trees and vegetation away from power lines. By proactively clearing vegetation out of our right-of-way, Midland Power Cooperative is helping to minimize the number of future storm related outages.

Midland Power’s annual vegetation management plan has two purposes – to remove vegetation already encroaching on utility equipment and to create a clearance that will provide hazard-free operation of electric service for several years.

This means that vegetation will be trimmed back 20 feet from the power lines in all directions. Midland’s authorized contractor to perform this work is Friest Tree Experts.

Members with questions or concerns should call the office at 800-833-8876.