Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

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At the annual meeting on June 24, 2020 the following directors were elected to serve three year terms on the board: incumbents Paul Heineman, District 1; Mike Coleman, District 3; Jack Runge, District 4; and Doug Robey of Ames was elected to serve District 2. 

Members elected to serve as the 2021 Nominating Committee were 
District 1
Rich Larson
Tanner Lawton
Richard Schneider

District 2
Christopher Paulson
Donald Uthe
Jamie Weydert

District 3
Brody Bertram
Charles Bormann
Allen Mains

District 4
Royle Duncan
Larry Engelson
Duane Kruckenberg

Board Officers
At the board organizational meeting immediately following the annual meeting, the following directors were elected as officers:

President – Jack Runge
Vice President – Mike Coleman
Treasurer – Rick Thompson
Secretary – Randy Christensen 
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer – Joel Skow

Prize Winners
The following members were drawn from the members that cast a ballot in the 2020 elections. They will receive the prize of a $50 bill credit on their next bill.

District 1
Larry Fatka, Paton
Kay Johnson, Woodward
Dan Pemble, Scranton

District 2
Richard Lehms, Polk City
Robert Berggren, Le Grand
Paul Thede, Boone

District 3
Carol Coleman Rev Trust, Humboldt
John Myers, Hardy
Tracy Burger, Gowrie

District 4
Sara Kadolph, Hubbard
William Geil, Iowa Falls
Arvin Klemme, Hubbard



The twenty-ninth Annual Meeting of the members of Midland Power Cooperative will be held at its Headquarters, 1005 East Lincoln Way, Jefferson, Iowa 50129, on Wednesday, June 24, 2020. A live video will be streamed to and a recording of the meeting will be available on this page following the completion of the meeting. No meal will be served.


Registration at the Jefferson office will open at 2:30 p.m. The business meeting and live stream to Facebook will begin at 3:00 p.m. and include:

1. Reports of officers, directors and committees;

2. Election of ONE director from each of the FOUR districts of the Cooperative;

3. Election of Nominating Committee members from each of the Four districts of the Cooperative to serve on the 2021 Nominating Committee; and

4. Such other business as may properly come before the meeting or any adjournment or adjournments thereof.


Official Ballots were mailed to members May 28, 2020.

To review the minutes from the 2019 Annual Meeting or the 2019 Annual Report published in 2020, please check out the Member Communications in the Documents section (under My Profile) in SmartHub.