Appliance Recycling

Appliance Recycling

Pull the Plug on old appliances

Pull the Plug on old refrigerators, freezers, and window a/c units*!

Receive $25 per appliance, up to 3 appliances per year!

Complete the online form using the link below or call the hotline today at (855) 838-7817 and our contractor, CLEAResults, will remove the appliance at no cost to you.  Once the form is submitted please allow 3-5 business days to be contacted to schedule the pickup. 

Please note: To schedule a pick-up for your appliance, an (800) number may appear as the caller ID. Midland Power will not directly call you or pick up the appliance as we work with a 3rd party to do appliance recycling, and they will be contacting you. If you did not receive a call for pickup within 6 business days or did not receive a voicemail, please call (855) 838-7817 and identify yourself as a Midland Power Cooperative member and be prepared to provide your account number. 

*All appliances must be in working condition (appliance must cool) and be clean of food and debris. Dorm size refrigerators and freezers are not eligible.


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