Economic Development

Economic Development

Norm Fandel
Norm Fandel, VP of Business Development
& Member Services

Electric rates for businesses and industries are stable and growth oriented. Midland Power offers a special time-of-use rate designed to reward commercial and industrial customers who limit their use of electricity during hours of peak consumption.

 As a member- owner of Midland Power Cooperative, you receive efficient, responsive service. Midland Power Cooperative strives to be a partner in economic development, responding not only to electrical needs but to all aspects of business growth. 

Our staff will help:

  • Analyze your power needs and coordinate engineering and design of electrical service facilities
  • Plan efficient energy use and load management practices to assure competitive operating costs
  • Design and provide a reliable power supply system to meet the power quality needs of today’s businesses 

Low-interest loans in the amount of $5,000 to $150,000 are available to business developers, governmental/public bodies and nonprofit/ community development entities for building, real estate, equipment and working capital. Interest rates will not exceed prime, and terms are 10 years or less. The requesting entity must provide at least a 20 percent cash match and appropriate collateral. Pre-development costs, housing projects and refinancing of existing debts are not eligible for funding through this program. 

"Midland Power provided excellent consultation and helpful information when we asked for it. Their recommendations regarding cost of installation and cost of operation have come true."
-- Keith Carlson, President Athens Woods Estates, Inc., Stratford, Iowa

For more information, contact Norm Fandel at (515) 386-4111 or (800) 833-8876.

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