Midland Power Considers Sale of Building and Land

Midland Power Considers Sale of Building and Land

In what may be a mutually beneficial opportunity, Midland Power Cooperative has offered to sell its current Jefferson administrative office building and surrounding land to Greene County. Upcoming staffing transitions at the co-op will create excess office space at the Jefferson facility which might be utilized by the Greene County Sheriff’s office.

By selling its administrative office facility for use by the Greene County Sheriff’s office, the cooperative would reduce its building maintenance and operations costs while also assisting the Sheriff’s office in meeting their operational needs in a cost-effective manner.  Midland Power would relocate the Jefferson administrative personnel and office activities to the co-op’s service center building, also at 1005 East Lincoln Way, just west of the co-op’s current administrative office.

“We are excited to be exploring this opportunity with the Greene County Board of Supervisors,” said Midland Power CEO Bill McKim. “We are committed to maintaining an office in Jefferson to serve our Greene County community, as we have since the mid-1930s. Should an agreement be reached, it would benefit both the members of Midland Power and the Greene County Sheriff’s Office.”

While currently somewhat restricted due to COVID-19, open office hours and services, such as making payments and signing up for electric service will continue to be offered at the cooperative’s offices in Jefferson and Humboldt.  Moreover, the cooperative will continue to have line crews working out of its Service Centers in Jefferson, Humboldt, Iowa Falls and Boone.

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