What It Means to Be a Member

What It Means to Be a Member

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Member owned.

Your electric cooperative is different from other utilities because it is a not-for-profit business. We do not sell stock and are not under pressure to earn profits for absentee stockholders. The Cooperative is owned by its members, not investors.  Anyone who buys electricity from Midland Power Cooperative is a member; all members share ownership of the Cooperative and have a voice in its operation.

Members benefit. 

A benefit of being a member is competitive energy costs. The rates and fees are cost based, which provides you with the lowest prices to deliver safe and affordable electricity. If Midland Power collects more money than it needs to operate, it reinvests those margins into the system to keep your power on and keep our needs to borrow high-interest capital to a minimum. 

Members also have the benefit of discounted pricing on various products. These products include water heaters, LED lighting, electric grills, etc. which are just a few examples of the products members can buy at a discount.  

Midland Power also has several programs designed to help you reduce your energy costs. Such programs include rebates for energy efficiency, advice on geothermal or air source heat pumps, lighting suggestions, information on electric water heaters, and more. 

One of the greatest assets you have available as a cooperative member is personal service from someone you can trust, that's your electric cooperative.

Your voice matters.

Each membership has one vote in the election of the Cooperative’s board of directors and in any other decisions brought up at the Cooperative’s annual meeting. 

Directors of the Cooperative are also members, who serve without salary, except for a per diem and expenses to cover their out-of-pocket costs in serving the Cooperative. The board of directors hires a CEO to take charge of operating the Cooperative for the benefit of its members.These directors represent you, our members.