How can I pay my bill?

The most convenient way to pay your bill is through SmartHub - our online billing and outage reporting system. For other ways to pay - check out our Payment Options.

My power's out, how do I report it?

When strong storms roll through and we have a large number of outages, the phones could be busy. The quickest way to report your outage is through the SmartHub mobile app. With SmartHub, there is no need to call us and it may already tell you if you have an outage when there's one detected. Other outage reporting options can be found here.

Can I have Midland Power as my power provider? 

To keep transmission and distribution costs low for utilities and consumers, the Iowa Utilities Board has defined territories for electric utilities. Therefore, it depends on where you live or what your location is if we can provide you electricity. To see what power company can provide these services to your location, check out the Iowa DOT's map. 

I'm building a new house in Midland Power's territory. How do I get a new service? 

Please call us at (800) 833-8876 and we can get you connected with one of our Staking Technicians. If service already exists there, you can apply for membership here.

What rebates do you have?

All of our available residential rebates are listed on our rebates page. For commercial or agricultural business rebates, email rebates@midlandpower.coop for information.

I'm interested in putting solar on my property. What do I need to do? 

Did you know that we sell solar arrays and have a community solar program? Our community solar program is a great way to benefit from solar energy without installing one on your own property. Click here to learn more. A group of Iowa co-ops has formed Iowa Choice Renewables which can provide you with accurate information on solar and even sell you a high quality system. Give us a call to learn more - (800) 833-8876. If you have already purchased a system, by law, you are required to give us written notice at least 30 days before the generator is installed. Check out other details and obligations you may have when you install solar here.